Our Vision

A flourishing and sustainable arts environment that is open, inclusive and equitable.

Our Goal

To collaboratively develop a replicable and sustainable plan that creates new pathways for ALAANA people to arts organizations at all levels.


Enrich Chicago Statement of Purpose

Through Enrich Chicago we aim to:

  • Acknowledge the actual history, relevance of and vital need for ALAANA (African, Latino(a), Asian, Arab, and Native American) arts organizations.

  • Create a work culture inside our arts organizations that cultivates all people, especially ALAANA people and encourages thriving, livable, equitable environments as the norm.

  • Attract, retain and promote more ALAANA arts administrators inside of all arts organizations.

  • Increase arts funding for ALAANA artists and arts organizations.


Enrich Chicago affirms that:

  • Every community is worthy of having its art funded, presented and experienced.

  • Centuries of historic and institutional racism have had a major impact on the arts. We agree to be accountability partners within our organizations and the field to combat and change this.

  • All art forms are critical and important and we do not intend to vilify any genres in favor of others. Instead, we find it necessary to lift all while recognizing some art forms have been underfunded and need extra lifting and resources to rectify historic inequities.


Therefore, Enrich Chicago has made racial equity in arts its primary focus. We have committed financial and human resources to training ourselves on structural racism and are committed to creating and testing solutions to irrevocably change systems through the following actions:

  • Educate ourselves and our communities on the existence and impact of historic racism and design new thinking and practices to offset its impact.

  • Design and implement new policies and practices within our organizations intended to analyze and disrupt the long term effects of historic racism.

  • Engage in cross-town programming and planning to nurture and cultivate ALAANA artists, administrators and organizations.

  • Advocate on behalf of all arts organizations to increase funding to those who have been historically underfunded in the arts.

  • Create & connect pipelines across the city to increase the number & success of ALAANA people in the arts.

  • Create and manage an online forum to showcase case studies within Enrich Chicago and provide tools to other organizations and partners eager to join in the work.