Enrich Chicago Programs


Enrich Chicago has partnered with the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond to provide their Undoing Racism® Community Organizing Workshop to arts and civic leaders throughout Chicago. These workshops are not isolated "how to" trainings, rather they proved important clarifying steps in a journey of undoing racism. This intensive process challenges participants to analyze the structures of power and privilege that hinder social equity. Enrich Chicago currently offers four workshops per year, and up to 40 people can attend each training. In addition to these sessions, Enrich Chicago offers affinity space gatherings  to continue the learnings from the workshops and help build a network of anti-racist arts organizations and leaders.

ARTS Admin pathways

The Arts Administration Pathways Club is a partnerships with The Chicago High School for the Arts. Admin Pathways aims to introduce talented young ALAANA (African, Latino, Arab, Asian, Native American) artists to “behind the stage” possibilities in the field, while simultaneously connecting them to a new network of mentors and opportunities.  Admin Pathways students are also given paid summer internship opportunities with Enrich Chicago partners.

Funding equity research

Enrich Chicago, in partnership with the Social IMPACT Research Center of Heartland Alliance, will produce a research study to provide a holistic view of the local funding landscape of Chicago arts and culture as pertains to race. In these efforts Enrich seeks to shift the dialogue from "diversity" to racial equity, meaning more equitable distribution of dollars to ALAANA artists, arts organizations, and arts administrators. Working with Enrich Chicago foundation partners the aim of this research is to provide greater understanding of foundation funding models and celebrate the ways we are truly creating equity among and for ALAANA organizations.

If you're interested in learning how you can participate in an Undoing Racism® Workshop, becoming an Enrich Chicago partner, or have any other inquiries, email info@enrichchi.org.